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Our subsidiaries

LSL Laboratory Inc.

Your CDMO partner
LaPocatiere-Kamouraska-Groupe LSL Pharma

La Pocatière... "  A town with a distinctive natural environment, exceptional landscapes, earthy flavors and sea breeze !  It offers the best of both worlds: a city in the country!

LSL Laboratory specializes in the development and contract manufacturing of natural health products, such as dietary supplements and vitamins, mainly in tablet and capsule form.

Usine Laboratoire LSL inc

Upton... the countryside near the city! With its vast green spaces, you'll find a healthy and active quality of life! Steri-Med Pharma  is pleased to contribute to the development of this beautiful region!

Upton Steri-Med Inc Groupe LSL Pharma
Usine Steri-Med inc.

Steri-Med Pharma manufactures niche sterile ophthalmic products in the form of ointments and drops for pharmacy banners and hospitals, not forgetting the veterinary field!

Steri-Med Pharma Inc.

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